The San Diego Zoo

The world famous San Diego Zoo was set in motion in 1922.  Located in a separate section of Balboa Park, the 107 acre San Diego Zoo houses over 4000 animals.  It is a landmark attraction for visitors all over the world.  Equipped with guided bus tours and the popular Skyfari built in 1969, exploring the vast San Diego Zoo is easy.  Exhibits are clustered based on habitat which make the journey all the more enjoyable.  Walking by the polar bear enclosure to visit cute penguins sliding into chilled arctic waters to escape the San Diego sun makes for an entertaining stroll.  Monkeys, pandas, tigers, not to mention a vast array of rare reptiles can all be found within the walls of this wonderful San Diego attraction. If you believe you may be a frequent visitor, season passes will pay for themselves in two to three visits.  Also, by becoming a member, you will be able to take advantage of other offers as well as be on the distribution list for the amazing magazine ZooNoozpublished by the San Diego Zoo!